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Our Commitment To You:

We get it.  Working in a non-profit organization is challenging.  Whether you are raising money, implementing programs, managing the operations, or even volunteering on the Board, it can sometimes seem like one step forward, two steps back.  There’s often a never-ending list of proposals, meetings, reporting requirements, get the picture.   Oh, and don’t forget actually working to fulfill your mission!  Despite best intentions, balls are dropped, and deadlines missed.  But you remain passionate about your cause.  It’s why you continue to show up, right?


It’s why Arthur Alley continues to show up as well. What’s our cause?  It’s making the world a better place.  It’s helping non-profits achieve their mission.  It’s you.


And when we work together,  here’s our commitment to you…


We recognize your organization is unique and with an empathetic and inclusive approach, Arthur Alley seeks to understand and embrace that uniqueness.  By the way, this is exactly why your donors give to we celebrate it with you as well!


Arthur Alley consultants will help you achieve your goals so that you can remain focused on your mission. Our consultants will bring their proven history of experience and expertise to the table, determine exactly where you need help, and help move your project forward.  Sometimes that means using specific skill sets that don’t exist on your team.  Other times it’s providing a fresh perspective to an issue that you’ve been wrestling with.  Often, it’s simply adding organizational capacity to a department that’s exceeded their bandwidth.


Arthur Alley consultants will take a team approach to your fundraising and mission development needs.  We typically have multiple consultants on each project and will call on our network of specialists to lend a hand when needed.  This approach allows us to deliver service excellence regardless of our client’s size.  Best practices and proven processes remain the same; we simply scale up or down to fit your needs.


We’ve found that sometimes there’s a misconception that it’s expensive for non-profits to use consultants.  In actuality, there are a variety of services at a variety of costs.  What’s important to remember is that it’s an investment, and that when done right, using a consultant will provide a return on that investment.  Arthur Alley will create a plan to accomplish your goals AND fit your budget.  We seek to provide transparency in pricing and there will never be any hidden charges.


Arthur Alley will gladly provide samples of past Mission Planning Studies, Community Needs Assessments, Strategic Plans, Capital Campaign Readiness Studies, Grant-writing services and more.  References will always be provided, and the high standards of excellence expected by our membership in the Giving Institute and the Association of Fundraising Professionals will be delivered on every project we undertake.


Are you ready to take that next step closer to fundraising and mission development success? We’d love to have a conversation with you to get started. Get in touch with us.

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