Consultants in Fundraising


Looking to build your fundraising potential through mission and strategic planning? 

Need to create a strong case for support? Want to implement a campaign?


Arthur Alley has the experience and insight to help you achieve your goals.



Your organization's development/fundraising goals are unique - they require a custom approach. Arthur Alley works as an extension of your team to create and implement thoughtful, effective strategies focused on success. 

Whether your goal is to identify emerging community needs, to build your fundraising potential, or to implement a fundraising campaign, Arthur Alley has the experience, insights and commitment to ensure you achieve your goals

Core Values


     in your success


     in our guidance


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  to honest communication


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Meet the Consultants

Derek D. Alley, CFRE
Ann J. Shackelford, CFRE
Steve W. Waiksnoris

Our Clients

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