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‘Tis the Season to be Asking: 7 Steps to Maximize Your Year-End Fundraising

Year end, the period from GivingTuesday to December 31 is a crucial fundraising season. Whether motivated by the spirit of holiday generosity or wanting to time giving for tax purposes, your donors are primed to give during this season.


From small to comprehensive campaigns, the 7 tips in this guide (+ one bonus tip!) will help you increase the year-end revenue for your nonprofit.


Download your complimentary copy of this guide and discover:

  • How to set a realistic and attainable year-end fundraising goals.

  • Which communication channels you should include in your plans.

  • How to craft an impact story that motivates donors to give.

  • Components of a successful GivingTuesday campaign.

  • Why it’s so important to consider the total year-end campaign from your donor’s experience.

  • And more!


This is meant to be a workbook, so encourage your colleagues to download their copy so you can work through it together.

If your browser is keeping you from seeing the form and requesting your Year-End Fundraising Guide, please contact us and we'll email you the resource directly.

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