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Welcome to our blog!!

My colleagues and I are super excited to begin this journey.  This long-term goal is finally coming to reality.  Isn’t it interesting what COVID-19 and social distancing will cause one to do?!?  I miss being in front of you and the excitement of working together to make positive things happen in this world.

While it seems the whole world is sheltered in place (I had never even heard this phrase two weeks ago), now seems like an appropriate time to say Hi.  So “Hi.  You are invited to connect, to learn, and to share with us.”  Why?  Because these actions enrich us as individuals and strengthen us as members of a community.

As we set out on this journey I am filled with anticipation of what we can teach each other in an effort to support philanthropy - the love of humankind.

My colleagues and I are excited to be here.  Check back often for opportunities to connect, learn, and share.




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